Natural gas

Montenegro Bonus – State Transmission System Operator for Natural Gas (TSO); cooperation with the European Energy Community (EEC), other gas operators in the region, in the framework of infrastructure projects such as the Adriatic Pipeline and the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP and IAP).

LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) - Podgorica

This LPG tank has a capacity of 1,000m3, it is completely equipped and intended for supplying the companies and citizens with gas. We are open for establishing cooperation with an interested partner – manufacturer of related equipment – on a joint-venture basis partnership, for the filling of vehicles that use gas as fuel.

LPG tank station - Cetinje

Leased gas tank station – above ground reservoir – within the complex of EI “OBOD” – Cetinje, for the storage, distribution, sale and supply of LPG, with a capacity of 100 m3, operated by 4 full-time employees; there is a plan for expansion of activities by installing a gas bottle filling station. Location – Cetinje, Gornji Obod.